Clowderwood Press: Publishing That Which Is Next

Clowderwood PressTM is an independent publishing consultancy of Christine and Judith Bush in Chatham County, North Carolina. We are available for several bespoke services to select collaborators who want to take their work to the next level.

We are only opening our doors in 2022. Here are are some of the services we look forward to offering to those would trust us with their poetry or prose.

Clowderwood Press (TM) | Chatham County, North Carolina
  • Layout and graphic design for self-publication
  • Project management for self-publication
  • Publication under our own imprint
  • Copy and line editing services
  • Modern, archival-quality scanning and digitization
  • Audiobook recording and publication
  • Sheet music, printed or digital
  • Publication to the blockchain

We hope you will bookmark us. Watch this space.